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Make & Sell Jewellery Magazine

Make & Sell Jewellery magazine is the UK's glossiest and most glamorous dedicated jewellery making magazine, aimed at hobbyists and those wanting to sell their creations alike. Each issue features a regular Make & Sell section packed with advice and tips from experts to start your business and boost sales, plus exclusive, copyright free projects. Beginners and those making for themselves aren't forgotten with step-by-step guides to create designer-style jewellery, from simple bead stringing and wirework to more advanced techniques such as polymer and precious metal clay and resin. Whether making jewellery as a hobby or small business, Make & Sell Jewellery provides all the know-how needed to create accessories that are both original and on-trend. With beautiful and clear photography including jewellery showcased on models so you can see how to wear the designs too, it stands out from other jewellery magazines. And with a bounty of shopping pages to help you with your purchases it really is the only jewellery magazine you need, whether a beginner or pro!

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Every month as well as inspirational and design-led projects by the best in the business, each issue also includes expert advice on a range of topics and techniques with step-by-step illustrations, informative and lively reads about designer-makers and more, plus details of the latest fashion trends with attention to designer and celebrity influences. With regular free gifts such as the popular The Little Book of Shopping series plus beads mixes with bonus project ideas you'll be making jewellery every day of the week! So stand out from the crowd with original, handmade style with the ultimate making jewellery magazine.

Handmade Jewellery

Nothing beats receiving a compliment when wearing one of your own jewellery designs and with Make Jewellery you will never be stuck for design ideas, which you can make your own by experimenting with different colourways or materials. In Make Jewellery we feature a range of mediums for making jewelry in concise step-by-step; from bead stringing for simple quick-make ideas, to wirework, fabric and clay for more experienced makers and when time is on your side, ensuring Make Jewellery really stands out from other jewelry magazines!

Jewelry making enables you to create and wear something completely unique and original, and offers a more creative way to express your personality than by purchasing a mass-produced accessory from the high street. The rise in shoppers choosing a handmade accessory over an off-the-peg design, also makes it a great time to start selling your jewelry designs too, with online marketplaces seeing a real boom in jewelry sellers, and customers looking for a way to personalise their look. So if you are thinking of setting up a business, don't miss our monthly business page, with expert advice from the London Jewellery School's Jessica Rose, which covers everything you could need to know from budgeting and pricing your creations to how to start selling your designs in galleries and shops. Whether you're inspired by the creativity of designing your own accessories or see it as more of a career move, Make Jewellery is the jewelry magazine to help you make jewelry which is on-trend and in-demand!

Make & Sell Jewellery Magazine
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